Over 12000 Lives Touched
97000 Indirect Impact
36000 Social media outreach
50000 Media outreach
25 Partner locations
2577 hour-long sessions conducted
2223 children impacted


  • HT Paathshaala

    HT Paathshaala

  • Girl Rising

    Girl Rising

  • BeyondSport


  • HeForShe


  • Menstrual Hygiene Day

    Menstrual Hygiene Day

  • StoryWeaver


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    Results For Development

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    Cambridge RSP

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    Eco Femme

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    Girls Count

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    Help Your NGO

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    Samhita Social Ventures

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    GuideStar India

  • Janeshwar Mishra Park Community

    Janeshwar Mishra Park Community

  • Husadiya Slum

    Husadiya Slum

  • Khidmat Foundation

    Khidmat Foundation

  • Bhartiya Balika Vidyalaya

    Bhartiya Balika Vidyalaya

  • Rajakiya Baal Griha (Baalak), Mohaan Road

    Rajakiya Baal Griha (Baalak), Mohaan Road

  • Rajkiya Bal Griha (Balika)

    Rajkiya Bal Griha (Balika)

  • Study Hall Foundation

    Study Hall Foundation

  • Prayaas


  • Mamta Foundation

    Mamta Foundation

  • Justice Triveni Sahai Shiksha Niketan

    Justice Triveni Sahai Shiksha Niketan

  • Pramodini School

    Pramodini School

  • Nav Srijan

    Nav Srijan

  • Lucknow Childrens’ Home (Girls)

    Lucknow Childrens’ Home (Girls)

  • Akanksha School

    Akanksha School

  • Acharya Narendra Dev Academy

    Acharya Narendra Dev Academy

  • Deepshikha


  • Samarth Foundation

    Samarth Foundation

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    Letzdream Foundation

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Our Team

  • Akshai Abraham

    Akshai Abraham

  • Angana Prasad

    Angana Prasad

  • Abhilasha Sachan

    Abhilasha Sachan

  • Vivekanand Srivastava

    Vivekanand Srivastava

  • Arnab Ozah

    Arnab Ozah

  • Veena Singh

    Veena Singh

  • Pooja Singh

    Pooja Singh

  • Vikram Namdev (Vicky)

    Vikram Namdev (Vicky)

  • Divyansha Kumar

    Divyansha Kumar

  • Arushi Dhawan

    Arushi Dhawan

  • Shyam Chand Rajput

    Shyam Chand Rajput

  • Pooja Yadav

    Pooja Yadav

  • Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

  • Yukti Malik

    Yukti Malik

  • Joy Banerjee

    Joy Banerjee

  • Smriti Goswami

    Smriti Goswami

  • Freedom


  • Sera Kazmi

    Sera Kazmi

  • Suyash Mishra

    Suyash Mishra

  • Iccha Kohli

    Iccha Kohli

  • Tanuja Setia

    Tanuja Setia

  • Niti Saxena

    Niti Saxena

  • Dr. Amrita Dass

    Dr. Amrita Dass

  • Divya Mukand

    Divya Mukand

  • Rohit Dass

    Rohit Dass

  • Deeksha Bhatia

    Deeksha Bhatia

  • Supersh Awasthi

    Supersh Awasthi

  • Radhika Sharma

    Radhika Sharma

  • Farida Abraham

    Farida Abraham

  • Surabhi Kapoor

    Surabhi Kapoor

  • Shinjini Singh

    Shinjini Singh

  • Aashrita Dass

    Aashrita Dass

  • Somya Agarwal

    Somya Agarwal

  • Sandeep Tewari

    Sandeep Tewari

  • Kamzason Hangsing

    Kamzason Hangsing

  • Alisha Asif

    Alisha Asif

  • Sanjay Mucharla

    Sanjay Mucharla

  • Chandni Mathur

    Chandni Mathur

  • Franziska Litwinski

    Franziska Litwinski

  • Jayant Chatterjee

    Jayant Chatterjee

  • Poonam Rajput

    Poonam Rajput

  • Abhinandan Quiriyal

    Abhinandan Quiriyal

  • Avinash Deori

    Avinash Deori

  • Irma Hussain

    Irma Hussain

  • Prakriti Gurnani

    Prakriti Gurnani

  • Mirza Aslaan Baig

    Mirza Aslaan Baig

  • Lubna Afzal

    Lubna Afzal

  • Aditi Ghildyal

    Aditi Ghildyal

  • Elin Nelson

    Elin Nelson

  • Shweta Singh

    Shweta Singh

  • Hitkarsh Srivastava

    Hitkarsh Srivastava

  • Priyank Simon

    Priyank Simon

  • Ekta Singh

    Ekta Singh


Awards & Recognitions

  • Mahindra – Spark the Rise

    Winner of Mahindra – Spark the Rise contest

    Winner of the first round of the Mahindra – Spark the Rise contest on the basis of public voting and jury selection in November 2012.

    Read More »

  • Sadguru Gnananda Fellowship

    Awarded with the Sadguru Gnananda Fellowship

    Our founder was awarded with the Sadguru Gnananda Fellowship in August 2014 by the Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM-MSDS) . This fellowship is given to only 3 individuals each year

    Read More »

  • Karmaveer Chakra

    Awarded with the Karmaveer Chakra

    Our founder was awarded with the Karmaveer Chakra award in November 2012, a National Medallion for Social Justice and Citizen Action the Chakra instituted by iCONGO awarded individuals who have worked

    Read More »

  • Amazing Indians

    Featured on a TV show "Amazing Indians" on Times Now

    Our founder was featured on a TV show "Amazing Indians" on Times Now channel  in January 2014 for his stellar work with underprivileged children.

    Read More »

  • Featured as a changemaker in Times of India

    Featured as a changemaker in Times of India in September 2012

    Got featured for bringing positive change in life of underprivileged and street children, both in and out of schools through sports.

    Read More »

  • Featured by Niti Consulting group in March 2013

    Featured by Niti Consulting group in March 2013

    Niti consulting featured Project KHEL in March 2013 appreciating its innovative approach to build life skills through sports.

    Read More »

  • Featured on Volunteer Weekly

    Featured on Volunteer Weekly as a story of inspiration, in March 2013

    Volunteer Weekly is a web platform to bring together stories and resources on volunteering for individuals and organizations.  

    Read More »

  • Featured in Dasra’s Research Report on Sport for Development

    Dasra’s research report on "Sport for Development" in India featured  Project KHEL as an important organization contributing to the sector.

    Dasra is India’s leading strategic philanthropy foundation working to create large scale social change.

    Read More »

  • The Better India features Project KHEL

    The Better India features Project KHEL in January 2014

    The Better India is a media platform to bring out positive stories of unsung heroes and has a viewership of 1 million plus social media followers and 0.5 million readers per month.

    Read More »

  • Desh ka Namak

    TATA SALT initiative Desh Ka Namak featured our Founder for his inspirational work.

    Desh ka Namak is an initiative to salute to all those unsung heroes who are fulfilling their responsibility towards the nation.

    Read More »

  • TEDx Talk: Power of PLAY

    TEDx Talk: Power of PLAY

    In February 2015, our founder Mr. Akshai Abraham gave a TEDx talk on the ‘Power of PLAY’ - highlighting the importance of 'play' as a form of education.

    Read More »

  • Panelist at workshop organized by Ci3 at The University of Chicago

    Panelist at Ci3 Conference

    Angana Prasad was invited as a panelist at a conference at the UChicago Cente, Delhi with world’s leading organizations to discuss ‘reproductive health and family planning among youth’.

    Read More »

  • ‘Talk with Amazing Indians’

    'Talk with Amazing Indians'

    The Vishwa Yuvak Kendra organized a talk series called 'Talk with Amazing Indians' wherein individuals with inspiring stories of change share their story with adolescents from high schools, to motivat

    Read More »

  • Winners at the eNGO Challenge South Asia Awards 2015

    Winners at the eNGO Challenge South Asia Awards 2015

    Project KHEL was chosen as one of the winners under the Juror's Mentions at the eNGO Challenge South Asia Awards 2015 under the Social media category. The event was held in New Delhi on October 9th, 2

    Read More »

  • GuideStar India NGO Transparency Award

    Society for Development Activities (Project KHEL) has been awarded with the ‘Advanced Level-Guidestar India Gold’ recognition of its transparent practices and voluntary demonstrations of accountab

    Read More »

Stories from the ground

Learning, Growing and Living with Project KHEL

Contributed by: Hitkarsh Srivastava Dated: 1st June, 2016 Today the name ‘Project KHEL’ almost unknown, a year before; feels no less than ‘Love of Life’ to me. It might sound exaggerated but it is something that one can feel only if one is or has ever been a part of it. I remember the days when Project KHEL … Continue reading Learning, Growing and Living with Project KHEL

A Cause for Change

Contributed by: Ankita Gupta Dated: 25th May, 2016 “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.” This quote by Winston Churchill changed my entire outlook on life. As a part of my course requirement I was to intern with an organization for the summers and I am … Continue reading A Cause for Change

Experiential Learning = KHEL

Contributed by: Veena Singh Dated: 10th Mar, 2016 “Good experiences make us happy and teach us a few lessons, but bad experiences teach us a lot more…” Angana(one of my team mates) words still hover my mind as I recall our event #Menstruation matters Red Spot campaign held at the Ganj Carnival. I could never … Continue reading Experiential Learning = KHEL

Get Involved

We are always on the lookout for young passionate people to join us in our journey. Get in touch if you want to volunteer with us, or intern for photo-stories, video-editing, DTP, etc. To know what working with us is like, check this video out!

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Project KHEL is based in Lucknow and volunteers / visitors are welcome to visit our Made in Maidaan sessions at any time.

Check our session schedule and get in touch via mail or phone before visiting.

Please use email for general enquiries/ job or volunteer applications / to explore institutional networking and partnership opportunities

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