What We Do

Ab Bas! is our programme on building awareness around the topic of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) which affects children of all age groups, genders and social backgrounds.

Story behind the name- This one came from a session with 5 year olds, who were asked to read what was projected on the screen, resulting in- “Child Seksal Ab-bas”. The words “Ab bas” sounded just so correct for this issue. There has been enough of preying on little children and enough of keeping quiet, AB BAS!

Workshop themes-

  • For Children:
    • Help children to identify between Good, Bad and Accidental touch
    • Help them come up with their own ideas of escaping from a certain situation
    • Focusing on statements like ‘MY body belongs to ME’ and ‘It is not MY fault’
  • For Parents and Teachers:
    • Helping them talk to children about their private parts and about Child Sexual Abuse
    • Dealing with their ward’s story of sexual abuse through role plays

Workshop Structure- We conduct sessions at a minimal cost for mainstream individuals and free of cost sessions for children from lower income backgrounds / economically weaker sections.