What we do outside sessions

Community based games for MHM- Our core belief is that female empowerment cannot be done by working in isolation with young girls, but  requires awareness to be raised in the communities they live in and in the general public. Following the experiential and interactive learning techniques we implement in all our programs, we disseminate information about menstruation, and debunk commonly shared myths, through games. Our MHM games target both men and women of all ages, and are set up in public spaces, during fairs or community events.


Social Media Campaign – Aiming to reach a broader audience, in 2014 we initiated an ongoing social media campaign called ‘The Red Spot.’  By posting photographs of adolescents and adults posing with hand-written messages that encourage a change in society’s perception of menstruation, we aim to end the stigma against women during their periods, and normalize the image, of what is essentially a natural process. You can check our album out here.