What it is

KHELshaala is Project KHEL’s initiative on creating a curiosity for learning among underprivileged children who are either

  • out of school and completely illiterate,
  • drop-outs or
  • enrolled in schools but lacking proper academic guidance.

Focusing on imparting functional literacy in a fun and interesting manner, the aim is to motivate our little learners to enrol in, return to, or excel at a regular school in the vicinity of their slum. The programme, though young, also interacts with the community in an attempt to influence the tough decision many parents are faced with – to have a child help bring bread to the table or educate the child and help them aspire towards a better life.

We aim to empower each of our children with love of learning and to help them to acquire basic literacy competencies as per their age level and helping them to get enrolled in formal school in their age appropriate class to make their learning a sustainable process.

Our target group includes children from disadvantaged backgrounds, aged between 5-18 years old and is completely free of cost for the beneficiaries.