Sanjay Mucharla

Until early 2015, Sanjay was working as a Marketing Analyst at Facebook in California, USA. A sports enthusiast, he represented the Hyderabad U-19 hockey team and enjoys exploring and learning new sports, his current favorites being volleyball, tennis, and running. Sanjay also loves interacting with kids, and he was part of a volleyball coaching camp at YMCA Cupertino USA where he coached a group of 11-13 year olds. He believes that sports and games are the best medium for children to discover themselves, learn life skills, and grow into responsible individuals. He visited Project KHEL for a week in 2014 when he was in India, and left inspired to participate more actively and contribute to the sports for development sector. A few months later he joined us, and worked with us till the end of 2015 helping us strengthen the Made in Maidaan programme.