Medha Mukherji

Medha pursued her graduation from IT College and in relevance to her choice of work, she always aspired to be a creator at heart who finds opportunities to learn from, create and win at whatever life throws at her.

Leadership initiatives are something Medha never connected with as a concept until curiosity led her as an 18 year old to AIESEC. She has been the President for AIESEC in Lucknow where she led over 70 students from 10 colleges to deliver leadership experiences through international internship programs. Medha also worked as the National Head of Talent Management with AIESEC in Bulgaria to develop productivity and retention for the organisation through learning & development.

Having experienced growth through experiential learning herself, Medha now strongly believes in it and eradication of failure as a concept from education. This brings her to work for development of life skills at Project KHEL.