Bhartiya Balika Vidyalaya

Bhartiya Balika Vidyalaya is a government aided school located in the Hazratganj area of Lucknow. Established in the year 1949, it has a vivid 67 years of history and achievements. There are 2 schools: Bhartiya Balika Vidyalaya Primary and Bhartiya Balika Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School within the same premises. The children mainly belong to families of 4th grade staff of private and public companies as well as domestic help. Currently the school has more than 1300 children enrolled and attending classes. Our sessions are being conducted with two different sets of children from class 4th and class 9th with total of 170 children.

Janeshwar Mishra Park Community

Making the best use of a community park, we have begun engaging with child hawkers operating out of the space and children living in settlements around the park, who are otherwise seen loitering around aimlessly in that area. The families of the 60 odd children we are engaging with, have migrated from different parts of Uttar Pradesh and nearby states to explore better livelihood opportunities in the city.

Our Ultimate Frisbee team practices in the park and many of the team members belong to communities living nearby.

Husadiya Slum

This is an illegal settlement under the Husadiya flyover in the Vineet Khand area of Gomti Nagar. Most of the residents hail from distant villages of Sitapur, Balia and other districts of Uttar Pradesh and work here as daily labourers or Rickshaw pullers. We engage with more than 70 children here through our play based Life Skills programme as well as other pilot programmes.

Rajakiya Baal Griha (Baalak), Mohaan Road

Rajakiya Baal Griha (Baalak), Mohaan Road, is a government run shelter home for boys. Most residents are either orphaned or abandoned or had lost their way from home at a young age and never met their families again. With the encouragement of UPSCPCR (Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights), Project KHEL is running it’s Just KHELo programme here and we are currently working with 30+ adolescent boys at this shelter home.